B l o c k c h a i n S t a c k

Hybrid-distributed ledger

Enterprise Solutions

Blockchain Platforms as a Service (BPaaS)

Get Smart

We design your smart contracts from use case ´till proof of tech and execute the go to market strat.

Get Ownership

Truly own your digital data.

Both contained or distributed

from stack to cloud

Get Access

Embrace transparency - plain vanilla.

Smoothly embark the enterprise blockchain journey

What we do

Smart Mortgage

We provide banks and financial institutions with platforms to automatically self-execute contracts between parties, based on the pre-agreed terms and conditions


 Opportunity discovery helps firms visualizing their current business portfolio into new technology or market spaces. We fit uses cases to mitigate risk.

Bring the D to Consortiums

Community network effect underpins most of the value. It requires that highly regulated firms collaborate around use cases compliant and securely. 

Blockchain I

In-company 3 week tailor made workshop. Pre-discovery phase: Understanding DLT, Vision statement and high level workflow.

Fintech Program

Online Blockchain I workshop, with our global team. Join our virtual demo day on August 16, pick a time here: https://calendly.com/dltstack/blockchain-i-workshop

Cypto Hedge Funds

We develop digital front-to-back solutions for your Crytocurrency admin accounts, closed, mutaul or hedge funds